Hoopnosis travels and teaches people of all skill sets, lifestyles and physical needs, age ranges, and budgets in all locations!!  Such as at events around the country, other countries even, and locally where I live.  I am currently based around the Buffalo, NY area.  Outdoor spaces could include: Buffalo locations: Delaware Park, Days Park, & Bidwell Park.  Southtowns locations: Chestnut Ridge Park and my property (both in Orchard Park) . My property offers indoor and outdoor space.  North towns locations coming soon!  You the student can also suggest or provide a suitable location!!

*Additional costs include travel expense when applicable ($.60 per mile)



Workshops:  Workshops are different from classes in that they do not span over several weeks, but rather is consolidated teaching.  Workshops are a great introduction to flow arts and fitness regimes.  They're also perfect for all kinds of events!  However, those interested in detailed instruction are advised to take classes.

1 Hour.  3 types

Hoopnosis Workshops: You can come join the fun where I'm hosting a flow arts workshop (poi or hoop).  I lead the group, but ideas and considerations are incorporated.  Workshop fee: Adults: $10.  Kids under 13: $5.  

Hoopnosis Workshop Party! : I'm available to help you host a hoop workshop at the place of your choosing, with the theme you want, integrating things of your choosing like pilates, yoga, etc.  Workshop fee: Adults: $10.  Kids under 13: $5.

Hoopnosis Hoop crafting workshop:  Have fun decorating your own hula hoops!! Course info will consist of things ranging from discussion of construction to taping. Materials provided by myself, but extra supplies strongly encouraged!  Hoops to decorate for adults: $15. Hoops to decorate for kids under 13: $10

Group size requirements:  5 person minimum for adults.  10 person for kids under 13 ((note: size of space hosting often dictates/determines number of persons. Therefore, these are more guidelines than set rules and are incorporated into booking negotiations)


Classes: Classes are on- going instruction (typically in 4 week periods or more) and the best means of learning  in detail.  Students also receive course materials with enrollment. Indoor and outdoor available.  My indoor studio (mostly used seasonally during winter) houses small groups of 2-5 and the outdoor property available is very large with no space limits!  :)  Other places include: suitable space of students choosing (travel fee applies) such as their home, yard, or outdoor locations.  Individuals can enroll in classes when available or can arrange their own group! Group size requirement of 5 person for adults and 10 person for kids under 13.  *Due to my performance show scheduling, classes are typically held on weekdays. 

Group size requirements:  5 person minimum for adults.  10 person minimum for kids under 13 (note: size of space hosting often dictates/determines number of persons. Therefore, these are more guidelines than set rules and are incorporated into booking negotiations)



Hoopnosis Crafter Course:

Whether you'd like to purchase quality, beautifully hand crafted hoops or would like to make your own, Hoopnosis has something for everyone's crafting needs!! For the do it yourself type, crafting instruction is the perfect way to learn the extensive art of hoop making!  While hoop crafting is enjoyable, there are many do's, don'ts, tips, trials, and errors- all of which can be time consuming & costly to learn & make...often making it overwhelming, unenjoyable, or even unsuccessful for beginners. However, with this program you'll be able to quickly move past these obstacles and on to the fun of it!!

Course outline:  Learn techniques and skills for mastering tube preparation, proper assembling, and quality decorating. All materials included. Student will make their own custom hoop to keep!   

 Class outline: A. Preparation (measuring, cutting)  B. Assembly (heating and drilling) C. Decorating (tape application techniques)

Course info: Most classes offered are for learning performance art and are ongoing, however crafting training is structured differently because it takes less time to learn but also, because of the way the tubing acts the crafting is done all in one process.  Therefore, this course is a one time class and is approx. 2 hours (time varies depending on type of decorating)

Class enrollment cost:  $150 



Hoopnosis Hula-erobics Workout:

Hoop dance is great exercise for people of all ages, but this program is designed for adults and individuals looking for a highly effective, highly rewarding workout.  This class focuses on targeted core workout!!  Tone your body, while increasing flexibility, vitality, and self esteem  :)   Finally, a fun and effective workout!!  

Class outline: A. Stretching/Warm Ups (w/ & w/o hoop) B. Target Workout (abdominal, arms, etc.) C. Whole Body (controlled stretching and dancing)

Class enrollment costs: $25 minimum for sized hoop + class fee:

$80/ 4 weeks (2 classes per week) = 8 classes ($10 per class)



Hoopnosis Freestyle Flow Class:

Perfect for anyone eager to learn the art of improvisational expression through hoop dance.   You'll learn about your core...but also so much more!!   I combine fun moves and tricks with stretching and dance to increase flexibility and coordination. This class promotes confidence through the concept of improvised dance & self expression...while still toning and strengthening the body.  Great for anyone who enjoys dancing!  

Class outline: A. Stretching/Warm Ups (w/ & w/o hoop)  B. Trick Lessons  C. Hoop Dance

Class enrollment costs: $20 minimum for sized hoop + class fee:

$80/ 4 weeks (2 classes per week) = 8 classes ($10 per class)



Hoopnosis Hoopster Program:

For kids 13 and under, this class is about encouraging activity and vitality by having fun!!  Give your child a constructive, but exciting program and exercise they need for a healthy, balanced life. They’re provided with activities like playing with hoops and other fun toys, learning fun facts about hula hoops, hooping, and fun ways to stay healthy.

Class outline: A. Fun warm up  B. Cool moves  C. Hoop dancin’ & having fun!! 

Class enrollment costs: $15 minimum for sized hoop + class fee:

$40/ 4 weeks (2 classes per week) = 8 classes ($5 per class)



Personalized Instruction:

Private instruction has more perks than learning in group. The different benefits compliment different people for different reasons:

-Ideal for children or adults with short attention span or shyness

-Perfect for the busy bee with a hectic schedule- more times available and convenient pay as you go plan ensures you don't lose money, should you need to skip classes. 

-Individuals who feel they would best maximize & benefit from personalized instruction.

-Performers looking to incorporate flow arts.  This also allows for more individualized attention and time to discuss business related tips, ideas, brainstorming, and researching specific to your wants/needs, that you wouldn't find in group classes.

-Also ideal for persons seeking discreet instruction such as exotic dancers looking to incorporate flow arts such as hoop dance into their routines or simply for someone looking to surprise their loved one :)

Note: adult oriented hoop dance and subject matter is for mature audiences, discretion is advised.  Must be 18 yrs or older.


Class Outline:  A.) Whole Body Stretching/Warm up  B.) Moves & Tricks  C.)  Cool down & tip review 

Class enrollment costs: hoop of their choice (minimum $20) + class fee

hourly rate x recommended 8 classes (4 wks, 2 classes per wk) 

Class Cost:  $20 hour for adults, $15 for kids under 1





Fire Arts & Performance Training Course

Proper education and introduction into fire arts is highly recommended and necessary for anyone who cares about protecting themselves and especially if they are serious about becoming a successful fire performer.  But it's also important that individuals who do simply for fun, do you can keep doing it! Because you can be sued whether it's a hobby or not- REMEMBER: YOU ARE legally and financially responsible/accountable for your actions either way!!  

So this course will educate and focus on important information, then unlit practice, followed by supervised prop use.  Some subject matter includes but is not limited to:

medical information like first aide & CPR, fuel types and uses, extinguisher types & uses, caring for equipment, performance area setup & break down, fire department codes & regulations, insurance coverage & other legal liabilities.  Course materials, props for use, and fuel provided. Must be 21 years of age or older for lit training portion of program.  Written consent required.  Classes are located on my property or a suitable location of students choosing.  The space must be deemed fit by myself.

This course has 3 main categories:

Medical & Safety Training - 2 hrs

Laws & Liabilities  - 2 hrs

Unlit & Lit Prop Training - 2 hrs

For a combined training program of 6 hrs. ($50 per hr)  This is the minimum class requirement time for enrollment and completion- however more is recommended. 

Class Cost:  $300

This course is offered & recommended as private instruction, but can be offered to a group of 5 or less if requested.  No group rates or "pay as you go" payment plans with fire arts training. Taking this one class alone DOES NOT constitute adequate training.  The art of fire manipulation is in depth & requires time for study & practice. Especially physical prop training. How quick one masters course material or success with unlit prop training varies for individuals. Therefore, Exact course length needed is not pre-determined before training begins. 2-4 months of unlit prop training is recommended before lit spinning.  1 month of unlit training is required  for this class before supervised fire use. I reserve the right to discontinue classes if an individual doesn't follow written agreement such as specified necessary safety guidelines.  *Fire performance is dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone underage, untrained, unsupervised, or under the influence of drugs/alcohol/mind altering substances**


Enrollment costs for workshops and classes are due before courses begin. Pay as you go payment plans available for private instruction only.  All other transactions require a non- refundable deposit of 50% of total costs at time of booking. Acceptable forms of payment: cash or money order.  Checks will only be accepted 6 weeks prior to event date. 





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